Artist Statement

Melissa Terrezza is an artist, environmental activist, and UNCA art graduate. While in the studio, her creative energy is cultivated towards building intellectual and philosophical bridges using imagery, symbols and design. Her objective is to juxtapose captivating cultural, historical, and political references, encouraging multiple truths and realities. Terrezza’s pieces often depict the plight of our diminishing natural world. She believes that “art does not exist in a vacuum; it is a part of culture”. Terrezza states, “I want the images that I choose to offer multiple perspectives. For example, when I use honeybees they typically represent symbols of patterned behavior or sometimes they represent the hardships these bees face when exposed to pesticides.” Her work often references the expansive gap between socio-environmental and political ethics. Maintaining a close connection with her Native American ancestry, the relationship of native teachings and modern civilization rise to the surface in her creations and daily life.